Beginners Series

When teaching complete beginners we believe the best way is to start at the hole and work backwards. Here is a short video to explain more;

“Last week a great friend and I went to stay at her flat in Mallorca and sadly it rained and was overcast every day. The only saving grace was managing to fit in 2 golf lessons with Peter during the only semi bright spots of weather. Neither of us had played golf before apart from a couple of visits with boyfriends to driving ranges but we really wanted to learn. We know other golf professionals on the island but they suggested Peter as they said he would have us playing a full round of golf in only 6 lessons. We started with a putting lesson that seemed daunting but due to his patience and brilliant explanations we had got to grips with this after only an hour which seemed incredible and gave us a real boost. The day after we had our chipping lesson which again appeared extremely difficult but soon we were getting the ball onto the green and could then putt it in. Peter never made us feel rushed and we were genuinely astonished by how much we grasped in just two hours. When we return later in the year we shall certainly be returning to continue our tuition.” Rachel Edmonds & Frances Neild