Want to make more Putts in 2014?

11 Jan

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AimPoint Express is going viral!

The new AimPoint Express method is a one-step process that all golfers can use to get a scientifically accurate read with only minutes of training. The Express Read allows golfers of any ability to read their putt within 5 seconds and establish an accurate AimPoint.

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AimPoint Express Level 1 (X1) is learned in a 1 hour clinic and costs only €50. At the Level 1 Express Clinic you will learn – Single Direction Breaks – Putts Up To 20 Feet

• Feeling Slope
• Break Direction
• Short Putts (<5′)
• Medium Putts (5′ to 20′)
• Choosing Correct AimPoints
• Capture Speed

* If you have already attended an AimPoint Clinic with me you can attend an Express Level 1 Clinic for only €30

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